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I was only dreaming

I was only dreaming
Namdeo and Vitthal
Stepped into my dream
“Your job is to make poems,”
Said Namdeo.
“Stop fooling around.”

Vitthal gave me the measure
And slapped me gently
To arouse me
From my dream
Within a dream

“The grand total
Of the poems Namdeo
vowed to write
Was one billion.”
He said,
“All the unwritten ones, Tuka,
Are your dues.”

If Only you would

If Only you would
Give me refuge O Lord
To stay at your feet
In a line of saints.

I’ve already left behind
The world I loved.
Don’t stand still:
It’s your move now.

My caste is low;
My origins humble.
A little help from you
Will go a long way.

Thanks to Namdeo
You visited me
In a dream that left me

by the 17th century Marathi poet saint Tukaram

Translation by Dilip Chitre @
mage copyright @