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As one of three most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar year, Akshaya Tritiya or Akkha Teej, enjoys a particularly haloed status. It is a day so auspicious that the ancinet texts named it Akshaya – ‘ ‘that which cannot be destroyed.’

I wondered what they meant. Surely even this day, like any other, must come to an end.

The answer lies partly in Indian Astrology which states that on this third day of the waxing moon, in the month of Vaishakh, the stars and planets are so perfectly aligned that they promise endless success in any new venture or endeavour started today. Any investments made today are said to reap un- diminishing benefits. Making it a day of endless auspiciousness.

Perhaps why in recent times Akshaya Tritiya or Akkha Teej has become synonymous with gold buying. The gold market in India will see frenzied activity today, as many Hindus will make it an occasion to buy some of this precious metal. Indian’s love their gold no doubt but there is more to a day such as this than just gold wealth.

The yogis tell us that seeds of all actions and intentions sowed today will reap great benefits. Not just material actions but spiritual too. So this is a day for invoking abundance in one’s self and for investing in one’s society. It is a day for giving and renewing our efforts to better the world around us.

According to the stories in the ancient Puranas,Akshacalendarya Tritiya marked the beginning of the Treta Yuga. It is also the day of the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. And on this day Maharishi Veda Vyās along with Lord Ganesha started writing the great epic Mahabharata. The sacred Ganga too is said to have descended to earth on this day.

A wonderful story recounts how Sudāma visited his childhood friend Lord Krishna on Akshaya Tritiya with a simple gift of a handful of krishna sudamabeaten rice (poha). But on seeing Krishna’s palace he shied away from giving the gift. Krishna who understood his friend’s dilemma asked him, “ How is it that you did not bring me my favourite food? I am craving for some poha.” Beaming with joy Sudama handed Krishna the little pouch of rice which Krishna happily ate. When Sudama returned home he found his little hut transformed, into a mansion full of riches.

It was also on this day Lord Krishna gave Draupadi the akshaya patra( a bowl with an endless supply of rice) when the Pandavas were in exile.

No wonder then that Akshaya Tritiya is considered as a wish fulfilling day.