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Radha Krishna

As Hindus all over the world prepare to celebrate Krishna Jayanti – the birth of their beloved Krishna, a little post on the allure that is the Dark One.

Dark as the monsoon clouds, with long flowing hair, mischievous smile and flute in hand he has held the heart of India captive over the ages.

Krishna in Sanskrit has many meanings. ‘Attractive’ is one of them. The one who draws us to him.

And so he enchants us as the playful child, the amorous lover, the loyal and wise friend, and ultimately the all knowing and all pervading Brahman.

He is Nandalala, the beloved son of Nanda.

He is Makhanchor, the little boy who got into trouble for stealing butter.

He is Gopala, the cowherd.

He is Kanhaiya, the playful lover of the milkmaids.

He is Radhe, bound to Radha in eternal love.

He is Parthasarthi, Arjuna’s humble charioteer in the Great War.

He is Lord Krishna who sang the Divine Song and gave us Yoga.

He is the Brahman, the Cosmic Consciousness.


Krishna was God who embodied man in all his complexities. He lived, loved and lost like an ordinary mortal while constantly reminding us that it was, in the end, all a leela….just a play. In that he gave us a glimpse of the Immortal ! 

Who could resist such a god?

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