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Shiva the Yogi- Shivratri

The Great Night of Shiva is upon us, once again. Poised delicately between a No Moon and the faintest beginnings of a New Moon, it is a night full of promise. The promise of a glimpse of the Great God himself, the Mahadev. Devotees will throng to the temples and yogis will spend the night in quiet contemplation, for it is said that on this night the presence of Shiva in our midst is almost palpable.

Shiva is both, the supreme Yogi, centred in the stillness of his own being and also the God  Natraja- the Cosmic Dancerof Dance, dancing the eternal Cosmic Dance. For this universe, pulsating and throbbing with life is none other than Shiva, dancing the merry dance and we are all part of it, dancing to the beat of his rhythm.

Tonight is night to experience both the stillness, the dance and the oneness.